Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Under Trained

How much training is considered too little?  Does it depend on the distance or on the amount that you push it?  If it happens to be the latter than my body is cooperating quite nicely.  My partner Cornel (you'll hear him referenced many times in my blogs) has said that we are not able to do any further races without doing the appropriate training and yet, here we go again.
The Boxing Day 10 Miler race was a great thought when we considered it back in late October or early November.  Easy to get in 3 runs a week, right?  That changed into one run a month in November and two in December.  Maxing the distance in those runs at around 5 km as I didn't want to push it too much.  I will do that on the next one.  Sure, then life gets in the way.  Why does time move so fast after 40?
Well, as I always said in my clinics and the mantra I have used in more than one race, "a finish is still a finish".  The one benefit in racing under trained is you tend not to push it as you fear risking an injury for that next race, so you finish without breaking much of a sweat, which means dry clothes.  This is a positive when its only 4 degrees outside.  The other benefits of running at a 60-70 max heartbeat, you can talk a lot; or at least to anyone that is willing to listen.  Its enjoyable, you notice things and the people around you.
Well, just be sure to start off slow.....or when you look down at your Garmin and you're running a sub 5 pace, ease up as you're running way to fast to get through it.  All in all, finishing at the half way point of your gender and age group is satisfying enough for lacing up. Good thing you showed up.

Happy Trails my Friends