Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Now, For the Rest of the Story!

One of the main reasons for signing up for the Boxing Day 10 Miler was that Claudia (Cornel's youngest daughter) was coming home for Christmas.  Claudia is a very active and vibrant young lady (so full of life as I found out on race day) and like her Dad, she enjoys a very active lifestyle, full of hiking, cycling and running; well and whatever else she can squeeze in.  She currently lives in Vancouver and attends at the University of British Columbia.  As she progresses in her studies, she will be a great resource for our racing nutrition, so stay tuned for that.
She, like the rest of us had started out with the best of intentions, but, those dreaded mid terms were omnipresent and so, her training runs also suffered.  It was hard for me to notice though.  Also, like her Dad, they have a natural running form that makes them a little faster.  I have to admit, it was on account of trying to run along side her and share in her first race experience that I started out with that sub 5 min pace.  Fortunate for me, I do the 10 and 1 program and lost her after 10 minutes.  I was then able to settle into my own personal and much slower pace.  As life shows us, sometimes, things just work out for the best.
It was her longest run to date, but, as her endurance and mental stamina prevailed, Claudia took first place in her age category of 19 and under, winning her a gold belt buckle in her very first race.  Cornel and I were so overjoyed to be part of this experience.  It appears that someone will be returning next year to defend that title in the next age group category and also beat her Dad, who only finished a mere 6 minutes ahead.  So proud of you Claudia!  Also, important to mention, our goal is to be well trained for next years race.

Happy Trails my Friends!