Friday, January 1, 2016

From Christmas Trees to Resolutions

O Christmas Tree

Thoughts for next year (as I missed the initial mark on this year), when you are decorating your tree.  Look to your room furnishings to determine the color of your decorations.  Keep with the main colors in the room whether that means pulling from accent pillows or artwork.  Keep it natural if possible and add metallic hints of gold or silver or both.
Continue bringing the accent colors onto mantels, tables or other surfaces.  Think beyond the ordinary colors of red and green and harmonize hues with what you have within the room and you'll create something very eye pleasing.   The use of miniature conifers or cypress trees can be placed around your room and try filling bowls and other items with shiny ornaments.
Now, whether you decorate your tree with assorted balls or with an eclectic ornament collection gathered over the years.  In this case, I purchase a new ornament for my grandson each year from Pier One.  They have such a great variety of hand painted ornaments from different countries.  This year, it was one from Romania (just happens to be Cornel's native land).
Leafy garland on the stair railing completes the room by adding additional natural elements.  I've added cream magnolia's and a gold bow to further tie in the room color and accents.  Just be creative and use things that you have access to.  Pine cones are a great addition and usually plentiful.  They can make a nice addition to your tree or garland (try spray painting with artificial snow or with gold or silver).
Most importantly, remember the true meaning of Christmas and don't bring your tree down too early.  January 7th, the day after Epiphany is a great time to consider packing it all way.  Besides, why not enjoy the time and effort you created with your family by leaving it up as long as possible.

New Years Resolutions

Bringing in the New Year has the advantage of late night gatherings with friends and loved ones and that final holiday food binge-at least we would hope.  Then we rack our brains in finding that resolution that should probably already have happened.   I can be a habitual procrastinator, so this is a helpful time of year for me.  I seem to have gained back my sugar sack (I have an adamant sweet tooth that screams to be satisfied), so, as I prepare for the Sulphur Springs 100 Miler, I have been thinking about eating healthy again and putting the proper fuel into my body.  I guess now is a good a time as any to start.  What goals or resolutions did you set?  I would love to hear them.  Also, in thinking about making those healthy choices and having convincing friends (Heather has talked me into a few races over the year-usually with wine), Cornel and I decided last minute to run the Resolution Run on New Years day.  I was happy to push through a 5 k in just over 28 minutes and Cornel, the over achiever, ran 10 in a very respectable 55 minutes; even accomplishing a negative split.  I believe I can be accredited to helping him in this achievement as he stayed with me for the first 5.  All in all, it was a great run and I met a wonderful woman by the name of Carrie in my cool down loop.  I'll be looking for her in some of the other local races.  One of the things I love about running-its very social.

Wishing all a happy and healthy 2016,
Happy Trails my Friends